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Jasper Cromwell-Jones

Privileged and ever so slightly pompous, Jasper Cromwell-Jones is the hapless explorer character and brainchild of stand-up Joe Bor. He tours the country recounting details of his latest (and usually disastrous) expedition via his newly published book. Jasper delights audiences with stories of his 'all the gear, no idea' approach to adventuring. His blissful ignorance, upper class social standing and loveable dope personality, combine beautifully to create a character where audiences are happy to tag along for the ride.

“The high gag rate puts many other character comics to shame.” Guardian

"Very funny" Harry Hill

"Hugely talented character comedian" The Scotsman

★★★★ “Riotously funny” Fringebiscuit

“Joe Bor's show is a model of Wodehousian characterisation and storytelling. He presents an exceptionally polished and professional performance” ★★★★ The Skinny | @theposhclimberYouTube


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