Brian Appleton and Jilted John are the creation of Graham Fellows.
Miles continued to write and perform in the Edinburgh Fringe until 2010 when he presented the critically acclaimed Fibber in the Heat.

One of Britain’s best and one of the most subversive and intelligent comedians, Andrew Lawrence, has been lauded with many awards and nominations for his comedy writing. Andrew has written four BBC Radio 4 sitcoms, with his latest offering of 'There Is No Escape'. Andrew also made his literary debut by turning his hugely successful show, ‘Reasons To Kill Yourself’, into a fictional novel, available on Amazon to download on Kindle. 
'A typically bilious incitement to suicide...a glass empty, glass smashed, slivers-slicing-your-wrists perspective on life.' Jay Richardson, Chortle (Reviewing ‘Reasons To Kill Yourself’.’)

In 2005 Matthew took a hiatus from stand-up to concentrate on his writing in which time he developed a number of plays, sitcoms and sketch ideas as well as writing his first book Leisure.

A relatively new stand-up comedian, making great waves on the comedy scene, having written her first half hour show for the Edinburgh Fringe in 2016. This same year, Saskia also made her debut writing for the topical show, NEWSJACK on BBC Radio4 Extra.