HERE WE GO 2-3-40 !!!

Jilted John is 40 years old - yes really!  The unforgettable number 4 hit single with its chant "Gordon is a moron!", defined the summer of 1978 for many, many people and sold half a million copies.  Now for the very first time, Jilted John and his band will be touring a number of UK venues throughout October 2018 - 40 years after the single topped the charts. As well as his big hit, Jilted John - AKA Graham Fellows/AKA John Shuttleworth - will perform tracks from the iconic LP 'True Love Stories', including  “Going Steady”, “The Birthday Kiss”, “Baz’s Party” and many more during an enthralling hour long set.  Don’t miss out on a unique and historic occasion; come along and relive that long hot summer of 78 when everyone was chanting “He’s more of a man than you’ll ever be!”, “Ere we go 2, 3, 4!” And of course.. “Gordon is a moron!” To increase the nostalgic fun, JJ’s Special Guest is the one and only John “Really Free” Otway! It promises to be an amazing evening so book early! If you miss out you’ll be “so upset.. so upset.. yeah yeah. It’s not fair!”

 Suitable for 14+