Ayesha Hazarika GIRL ON GIRL: The Fight For Feminism

RBM Comedy in Association with Noel Gay

Phew! After Weinstein and #MeToo, women of the world have finally united... for a good old-fashioned bitch-fight! Who cares about smashing the patriarchy when you can go full-on Prisoner: Cell-Block H? So what happened to feminism? Is it too posh? Too white? When did Germaine Greer become Richard Littlejohn? Whose feminism is it anyway? And who asked your opinion, Piers f**king Morgan? Ex-political adviser and regular pundit on Sky, BBC& CNN, Ayesha analyses the fight for feminism with humour and honesty, and asks – are sisters doing it to themselves?

“Patently super smart and extremely eloquent, she offers an intriguing insight”
The Herald

“Extremely funny…sharp and on the money, she is never cruel and manages to create a world I never thought possible. Catch her if you can.”
John Crace, The Guardian

Hazarika is an acute observer of the political world”
Arts Desk

6:45pm | GILDED BALLOON The Wine Bar | 2nd-11th August