Malcolm Hardee award-winning gay autistic comedian adopts new stance. For the first time combining his musical composition talents with his well-honed comedy chops, Robert presents a fully orchestrated comedy opera of unbelievable, but true, misadventures and misfortune. An untold story, a Stephen Fry type coming-of-age tale of; ‘Confused Homosexual’s abusive ‘beard’ situation generates autistic freak-out enabling seriously daft criminal conviction’. A bonkers yarn presented with a Mozart spirit, and some wrong notes.

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3:15pm | Gilded Balloon, Wee Room | 2nd-27th August

“Pitch-perfect delivery…just brilliant.” ★★★★ Chortle.

“Robert White tries hard - and spectacularly succeeds” Three weeks 

“Jaw-dropping riot” ★★★★ The List

“Brilliant” Attitude | @robertwhitejoke | YouTube | iTunes