John Shuttleworth's "Two Margerines and other domestic dilemmas!" is out 20th February

John Shuttleworth's first book in 20 years is being released on 20th February. Titled: "Two Margerines and other domestic dilemmas!", the book will be on sale at each date on the "John Shuttleworth's back!" tour prior to it's release. 

The book documents John's simple remedies to everyday domestic dilemmas, well... complicated! And ridiculous. And totally hilarious! Indeed, it's fair to say this book is crammed with ridiculous and hilariously over-complicated advice... that only an utter fool would follow!

How DO you avoid the 'nightmare scenario' of having two open tubs of margerine in your fridge? Throw one tub away, or give it to a friend or neighbour? If the remedy were that simple no one would have bothered to write a book about it, would they? John Shuttleworth would... and he has!

You can pre-order the book here.

If you cant wait for the release then be sure to attend one of John's tour dates and get yourself an early signed copy!

Josh Berry's debut Leicester Square Theatre solo show Saturday 14th March 2020

The ‘Prodigiously talented impressionist’, Josh Berry marks his debut Leicester Square Theatre show with: Josh Berry: Who Does He Think He Is?

After a hugely successful run at this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Josh is continuing to perform his show across England. 

The show features him doing various impressions from Donald Trump to Middle-class Mums, whilst showcasing other favorites such as his impersination of James Acaster. 

Tickets can be purchased here.

Bruce Morton to star in Still Game Final Farewell live show

Bruce Morton is going to star in Still Game: The Final Farewell live show. There will be five performances of the revered Scottish sit-com across three dates at Glasgow's SSE Hydro arena, starting on Friday 27th September 2019. 

Still Game was first adapted into a live show in 2014, selling out an astonishing 21 nights at The SSE Hydro Arena and performing to over 210,000 people. 

It returns for a Final Farewell, promising to reunite the full television cast for one last goodbye.

Tickets can be purchased here.

Frisky & Mannish's Reading and Salford dates for Poplab Autumn 2019 tour Sold out!

The Reading (10th Oct) and Salford (19th Oct) dates for Frisky and Mannish's Poplab Autumn 2019 tour have sold out!

This hardly surprising after their Poplab show, an amazing blend of scientific, musical infotainment, was a hit at this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

There are still tickets for the rest of the dates on their Autumn 2019 tour. Click here to get tickets for the show in a theatre near you!

Frisky & Mannish's Poplab among BCG's best reviewed shows at Edinburgh Fringe 2019

The British Comedy Guide have placed Frisky and Mannish's "Poplab" amongst the best reviewed shows at this years' Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The fringe favorites returned this year after a shrot hiatus to put on one of their best shows yet, which provides a scientifical analysis on the links between myriad pop songs.

Poplab is touring this Autumn starting on the 20th of September at Bridport Arts Centre. This is not one to be missed!

Matt Rees

Our very own Matt Rees has recorded an episode of his show "Happy Hour" Stand Up for BBC Radio Wales.

Happy Hour is a comical and truthful look at Rees' back story of how he was once hospitalized due to his drinking reaching unhealthy levels. Since then he has climbed back on stage to present an exceptionally sharp comic performance and openly and honestly talk about addiction, emotional immaturity and life after booze.

"A properly original comedy mind"

“Very funny lines with a compelling, unforced lugubriousness”

Josh Berry features in The Now Show on BBC Radio 4

Josh Berry features on "The Now Show" with Hugh Dennis and Marcus Brigstocke in a special Edinburgh Fringe episode.

Josh Berry's follow-up fringe show "Who Does He Think He is?" features him doing various impressions from Donald Trump to Middle-class Mums, whilst showcasing other favorites such as his impersination of James Acaster. 




Mark Simmons in Dave

Mark Simmons' joke during his Fringe 2019 show "One-Linerererer" made into Dave's top 10 funniest of the festival. 

The joke read: "To be or not to be a horse rider, that is Equestrian". 

Mark also did his "Jokes with Mark Simmons" podcast at this years fringe. Both shows recieved raving reviews over the course of the month long festival.