Brian Appleton

Brian returned to the Edinburgh Festival in 2014 with A History Of The World In Three Darts which then went on tour around the UK


Birmingham's nearly man of rock n roll. A legend in his own bathroom. Creator of unheard classics like MY TURN TO BE POORLY and LUCY YOU'VE GOT THE WRONG WARDROBE.

Brian is the creation of Graham Fellows- the man behind the legend John Shuttleworth and Goole concreter Dave Tardoff. Brian is a music lecturer with an unfortunate personal history as the Nearly Man of pop- always coming up with brilliantly innovitive ideas, only to have them snatched away by some passing pop wannabe. Brian claims to have been no less than pivotal in the development of popular music for more than thirty years, influencing artists as diverse as Rod Stewart, The Byrds, Steve Harley and Morrissey, his only reward being dumped upon from a great height. Has Brian been the unsung guiding force behind countless musical movements in British and American pop, having as his only reward failure, oblivion and despair? Have a steady stream of artists stolen their trademark ideas, riffs and stage presence from this embittered Brummie? Have they then conspired to keep him in obscurity whilst claiming his intellectual property as their own? You decide.

"A theatrical SPINAL TAP for the musical community" (The Irish Times)

“Ambient Comedy at its best“ (The Scotsman)

“Wonderfully tragi-comic spoof” (The Independent)

“As ever with Fellows, the character details is beautifully and acutely observed” (The Independent)

“Pathos aplenty and funny to the bone” (Rodger Evans, The List)

“A subtle dark compelling invention. BANAL, FUNNY and FASCINATING all at the same time” (The Guardian)

brian appleton