The Lampoons

Christina, Oliver, Josh and Adam, AKA The Lampoons, are scavengers of classic cinema. Together they reinterpret forgotten gems using bizarre and hilarious physical clown. Having previously mounted two full-length productions that played to sell-out London audiences, they are back with an absolute corker!

The Lampoons latest misadventure was an utterly insane reimagining of a Hollywood classic, House on Haunted Hill.

"An eccentric millionaire offers four strangers $10,000 if they last the night at his haunted house party. Tasty! Portuguese ghost cats. Killer pickles. And Vincent Price's rogue moustache. If you find a more haunted house, they'll double it!" 
The show was a 60 minute, jam-packed, furiously bizarre version of the 1959 horror film, developed with clown director Alex Bell and mentored by Spy Monkey's Aitor Basuri.

After two amazing years of creating clown work exclusively for London audiences, The Lampoons were ecstatic to be able to head up to the Fringe with HoHH, having teamed up with RBM comedy to make sure their Edinburgh debut was a success.


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'The best thing you haven't watched yet. These idiots are geniuses' 
Simon Kane, BBC Comedy