Stephen Carlin


As seen on Comedy Central’s “The Alternative Comedy Experience” and heard on BBC Radio Four’s “Andrew O’Neil: Pharmacist Baffler”, Stephen Carlin has gained critical acclaim and a growing fan base with his original, insightful material and his accomplished delivery. Stephen is increasingly expanding his following on the international comedy scene performing this year across Asia, Europe and North America. 

Chosen as one of Stewart Lee’s “Ten Best Stand Up Comedians Ever” Carlin has supported Stewart Lee, Stephen Merchant & Tom Stade on their national tours. 

As always, Carlin’s art lies in his ability to quarry wildly original material from the most conventional of starting points. By taking run-of-the-mill observations and then applying his relentless but warped logic. This married to his exceptional use of language and his brilliantly opinionated broadsides make for memorable routines. All skilfully delivered in his deadpan Scottish brogue. 

He has performed a number solo stand-up shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival most recently in 2017 “Stephen Carlin: Rise of the Autistic”

Stephen is an experienced writer and has written for many BBC Radio Shows including the Now Show and the Newsquiz. He is the author of a Comedy Blog, which hilariously exposes the many facets of a life lived in comedy. 


Stephen is bringing his brilliant show The Opinionator to Edinburgh - catch it here:

Stephen Carlin: The Opinionator
2nd-26th August 
3pm LAUGHING HORSE Espionage


Praise for Stephen's standup:

“This is laconic laced with Red Bull, material so thoughtful you would put your house on (him) reinventing the knock knock joke... announcing the arrival of a new comedy original.” 

One of the most inventive stand-ups on the Fringe..... knowingly cynical and hilarious ... delightfully deadpan Scot " 

“If this man isn’t a household name in five years time, the world is even more lacking in justice than we could have feared.” 

“A cult favourite among fans of the sharper end of stand-up”